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Extended car warranty–Driving habits that add life to your car

Extended Car Warranties: An Expensive Gamble

Do you like your vehicle? Do you wish to own it for many years and avoid repairs? Then the most important thing you have to do is make sure you drive it properly. Although you have an extended warranty, but are not it better to get into the mess of car repair? There are many things that damage your vehicle over the period of time. Here we bring to you a few driving habits that you should change to increase the life of your car even if you own the best extended warranty.

Hard or quick stops and starts

This, perhaps, is the worst driving habits that most people have. Accelerating quickly or hard not only consumes gas but also puts additional strain on your car. Hard or sudden stops would wear out your rotors and brake pads much faster along with placing strain on the vehicle. All you need to do is stop and accelerate rather smoothly.

Don’t drive with almost empty tank

There are many people who keep driving, rather dragging their vehicle with under a quarter tank of gas. Or, perhaps it might be budget troubles that force you to do so. However, it is important to understand that it can actually cause a major damage to your vehicle in the long run. The gas in your vehicle works like a coolant for the electric fuel-pump motor, thus when you run low on it, this lets pump suck in air that triggers heat causing the fuel pump to wear early and potentially fail.

Carrying extra weight

This is something most of us do. Also the fact that many people are not aware that carrying extra weight in car is bad for their fuel economy degrades the condition of your vehicle. It puts strain on the drivetrain, suspension and brake that triggers premature or early wear and tear on them.

Not using parking brake

Most people think that if their car has an automatic transmission then they only need to put parking brake on the hills. However, wrong it is. If you fail to use parking brake every time you park, this means the entire weight is placed on the parking pawl – it is a small piece of metal in the transmission.

The key is to understand that taking proper care of vehicle is essential for its life even if you have any extended car warrant in place. Try not to use extended vehicle warranty frequently.


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