• Extended vehicle warranty – Do you need one urgently?

    The term ‘extended vehicle warranty’ is synonymous to each one of us. It defines the extra or additional coverage for your car. When you buy a car from the showroom, you get a warranty that lasts for three years, or the vehicle manufacturer offers warranty for the vehicle for up to 36,000 miles. In simple

  • Extended vehicle warranty – Don’t fall prey to fraudulent warranty companies

    The internet has made human life so easy and simple. No longer people visit offices to buy extended vehicle warranty plan. Everything is just a few finger taps away. No efforts, no hassle! This, for sure, is a blessing but has its own drawbacks too. Investing in an auto warranty can be risky if you

  • Four tips to choose the extended warranty company

    Whether you have pre-owned or new vehicle, buying an extended auto warranty is more important than ever before. Given that dealers and garages charge outrageous cost for repairs for both labor and parts, investing in a car protection policy can save you from unexpected repairs. How can you know that you are getting what you

  • Does an auto warranty plan cover overheating and wear and tear?

    Investing in an auto warranty program is a good idea if you want to enjoy stress free driving. When you are shopping for such a plan, make sure you carefully look through several exclusions of the policy you want to buy. Most reputable and renowned auto warranty companies make their exclusions and inclusions concise and

  • What are the Benefits of Extended Car Warranty?

    When you are planning to purchase the car of your dream, you are definitely worried about its warranty. Car manufacturing companies usually provide one year warranty within the total effective price at which they are selling. But what about the car’s warranty after that, in case any mishap occurs, who would be responsible and there


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