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    Smart way to save money from unexpected car repairs

    Your car is in the repair shop or garage. You are anxious and waiting for mechanic’s call. All that worries you is how much will it cost this time? Well, this is one fear that often keeps most people worried. Is not this scenario sounds similar to you too? Instead of wondering and remaining worried

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    Extended vehicle warranty is a must for used cars too!

    At the time of buying a new used vehicle, most people also spare out time and find out about the extended vehicle warranty that offers a complete protection against unprecedented mechanical breakdowns and car repairs. Well, irrespective of the fact you invest in a new car or a used one, chances are that you need

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    Used car warranty – Two important things to know!

    Irrespective of the fact whether you choose to invest in a new car or used one, buying a warranty is a must. It not allows you to enjoy drive but also offers a peace of mind. The concept of used car warranty has gained immense popularity as a large number of people these days choose

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    Extended vehicle warranty–Know about different arrangements

    After rejecting and declining initial offers of an extended vehicle warranty, many car owners sooner or later discover that the cost of one repair is much higher than investing in a warranty plan. Even worse, there are some vehicle owners who accept the fiscal burden of an auto warranty, only to find out that the

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    Three benefits of investing in an auto warranty

    A better car warranty and reliability are not dichotomous concepts; however the gulf between them is no less than significant. Consumers need to know the significance of investing in a reliable and right warranty. Not only it ensures peace of mind but also lets you enjoy several interesting benefits. Here are a few advantages of


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