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    Total car protection – Cheapest warranty is not always the best!

    An online search would bring to you a world of information about auto car protection plans, and sadly, the quality of details might fluctuate a bit. Although there is some good and elaborated information, however there is also bad and misleading information, and not to mention blatantly untrue rumours and myths and outright lies. One

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    Auto Car Protection Lets You Drive Without Stress

    Standard auto warranty There are basically two types of auto warranties available. While one is a standard warranty that comes along when you buy a car. This warranty plan usually lasts between two and five years, or for a particular amount of mileage, whichever arrives first. This type of warranty is included with the purchase

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    Extended Auto Warranty – Take home the best car protection plan

    Isn’t it true that each one of us wants to walk into a car showroom and drive home a brand new car? However, the fact that new cars make for an expensive investment for a recently employed person cannot be denied. A large number of people across the country dream of buying a car however

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    Extended auto warranty companies – Choose the company carefully

    are you all set to invest in an extended auto warranty? If yes then make sure you do proper research before making any decision. The research is not only about the plan you want to opt for but also for the auto warranty company. The market is flooded with plenty of extended auto warranty companies,

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    Car protection policy – The best way to save your investment

    When it comes to car protection plans, the virtual world of the internet is full if information, and a lot it is more confusing.  What is the best course of action? Is investing in such a plan bad? Should I warranty from dealer or third-party companies? Are they just a rip off? What is it?


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