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    Used car extended warranty – Buy one now to remain stress free!

    With the cost of repair shops increasing at fast pace, investing money in used car extended warranty is worth it. Most repair shops charge between $50 and $60 around giving run for money. While people prefer buying a used car, not many even think of purchasing an extended warranty. The main question arises is how

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    Three benefits of vehicle protection plan

    Having vehicle protection plan is worth the right decision or not is often a debatable topic. If you are all set to buy a car protection plan or an auto warranty then listed below are a few benefits. Increase resale value When you decide to buy a used vehicle, remember that it can be a

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    Extended warranty for car – An investment worth considering

    So, you are all set to make a big investment – you are buying a car. Well, that sounds great, is not it? Along with the excitement of buying a car, there comes a fear of repairs once the original warranty comes to an end. The panic strikes right away.  However, there is no need

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    Total car protection – Add life and enhance value of your vehicle

    Taking good care of your vehicle is always a great idea. After all, you can add more life to it.  Not only would your car have a good resale value if you will maintain it but also it will run better. When it comes to vehicle care, there are several important aspects to it. If


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