• How Different Is Auto Service Contract From A Warranty?

    Let’s clearly accept that auto service is not a warranty, even though your service provider calls it an extended warranty. Most of the car-owners purchase these contracts in fear of any catastrophic failure on their car, which may take huge money. So, a service contract transfers risk from the vehicle owner to the contract company

  • Why Can An Independent Company Give Better Options for Car Protection?

    Want to buy a liability insurance or exotic car insurance? An Independent Auto Car Protection Agency will give you better choices than Captive Agency.  Whether it is garage liability insurance or any other type of insurance policy in the United States, you’ll get a better response from the independent agency as they represent several insurance

  • Do You Know Parts of Car Protected in Auto Car Protection?

    As your vehicle becomes older it sees more wear and tears. So, a protection cover gives a lot of relief of mind. It saves you from any future financial expenditure going out of pocket. But, the dilemma comes at the deciding phase – Which part of the vehicle will be covered in which type of

  • Auto Car Protection Lets You Drive Without Stress

    Standard auto warranty There are basically two types of auto warranties available. While one is a standard warranty that comes along when you buy a car. This warranty plan usually lasts between two and five years, or for a particular amount of mileage, whichever arrives first. This type of warranty is included with the purchase

  • Car Protection – How it works

    Before investing in a car protection cover, it would be really great if you know how it works. This would also help you in making the right decision regarding same. In addition, it will provide you enough information on how you can choose the best car protection plan. What is a car protection plan? You


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