• Concord Auto Protect Has Brought Luxury of Exotic Car Warranty

    Most of us cannot afford to purchase an exotic vehicle such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Aston Martin as is far out of reach. But, some privileged people get to enjoy affording these luxury vehicles and driving these unmatched cars. However, when one of these vehicles breaks down the cost to repairs is

  • Which High-Tech Components Are Covered in exotic car warranty

    Looking to cover your exotic car? There are different components in a car which are covered under warranty. If you are going to take one, read here which high-tech parts will be covered? Engine Cover The engine has many major and minor parts such as cylinder block, heads, timing gear; flywheel, oil pump etc. So,

  • Exotic car warranty – Protect your luxury vehicle from unforeseen expenses

    In general, it pays to have invested in an extended warranty plan on any car or vehicle you own.  When the original warranty of the manufacturer comes to an end, it leaves you vulnerable  to frequent as well as extremely costly repair expenditures. Even though not all cars experience major breakdown, most would and the

  • Tips to save money on Exotic car warranty

    While we all dream of buying exotic cars, maintaining them is no less than a challenge. Buying luxury car is not only expensive but it also needs the best exotic warranty in place for smooth driving. That is only natural because exotic cars, because of their super-fast engines, are more likely to be involved in

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    Exotic car warranty – Do you really need one?

    If you own an exotic car, finding an extended warranty for your luxury vehicle that offers good coverage is a must. In fact, it should be your priority to invest in a good auto warranty plan for your exotic car. When it comes to repair and replacement of exotic car components, it can cost you


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