• Can You Get A New Car For Old? Get A Return To Invoice Cover

    Have you ever bought an auto warranty? Have you heard RTI cover and wonder what it’s all about? Here we will tell you more about this novel type of car insurance -Return to Invoice Cover. What it is exactly? How it will benefit you? It is an insurance cover which can get you your stolen

  • 5 More Extended Warranty Tips for getting right warranty

    You take a lot of tips before really enjoying a warranty. But, still you need some tips that are more important but, generally, people ignore them. So, here are those 5 tips that you should know. Don’t buy the extended car warranty the same day: Even if you choose and decide the right warranty for

  • Do You Know the Benefits and Limitations of RTI Cover?

    RTI which stands for “Return to Invoice” cover is an add-on option which covers the gap between the insured declared value and the invoice value of the car. Extended Auto Warranty Companies give you a recovery for the entire amount of loss or the on-road price you paid for your car. It costs around 10% more than

  • Do You Know About Add-On Covers in A Car Protection?

    Having a car protection is quite simple. But, the confusion arises when you listen or read so many terms related to a car protection policy which you don’t understand at all. This is the reason, where you do mistakes of choosing a wrong policy. It all starts when you decide to take a protection policy

  • What You Shouldn’t Buy From a Car Dealer? Find Here

    Who wants to damage their car after a few years of purchase? Hence, the market offers a lot of safeguards for your newly bought car. Though you know you cannot avail all the opportunities at one go, you hop on anything that gives warranty of safety for your car. After consenting to purchase a car


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