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    What all is not included in vehicle protection plans

    Time and again, the stress has been placed on what all is covered under vehicle protection plans however as an informed buyer, you should be aware of all that is not covered in it too. An auto warranty contract is highly dependent on what all it includes as what all it does not include. Having

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    Protect my car – Buy a car warranty to ensure car protection

    A large number of car owners often think – how to protect my car? Well, the question seems to be understandable. The fact that economies across the globe are going through financial slowdown cannot be denied. And, there are many people who now refrain from buying car frequently. The best way to protect a car

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    Vehicle protection – Interesting Things to Consider!

    When your vehicle was new, it would have been protected by a warranty provided by the manufacturer.  Usually, this would cover you for 60,000 miles or three years after the manufacturer date against damaged that might cause your car to malfunction. The car manufacturers will then repair or replace the car at no cost to

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    Auto car protection plans provides extra coverage to consumers

    Having an auto car protection plan can provide extra coverage to vehicle owners. When you have an old car that has been well-taken care off, is not it apparent for you think whether it can be covered like a new car? There are not many companies that cover older vehicles with an extended warranty, however


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