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    Service contracts for used cars – An Introduction

    A services contract, also known as extended warranty, offers several benefits to car buyer. The added protection they offer give consumers the additional security that they require when making the assurance to finance a car. You can choose from many service contracts for used cars the one that best suit your pocket and needs. Understanding

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    Car protection policy – Do you really need one?

    Is not it apparent that we all want to buy a car? Well, without any doubt, having a vehicle in the present day and age is not a luxury but a necessity. While having car is one thing, protecting it from damage and repair burden is another. The unexpected repairburden can disrupt your monthly budget

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    Protect my car – Invest in right vehicle protection plan

    First thing first, it is important to understand what exactly extended warranty or protection plan for vehicle is.  Though they both have some differences, both a car protection plan and extended warrant refers to a contract that covers the cost of problems and repairs after the original warranty of the manufacturer comes to an end.

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    Vehicle protection–Four tips to avoid paying huge repair bills!

    We all know that auto repairs can create a hole in pocket. They are one of the major expenses. However, there are a few important things you can do to ensure vehicle protection and reduce the peril of receiving huge invoice from the auto repair shop. Here we bring to you four tips that would

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    car protection – How to get fair cost for transmission repair?

    Has it been quite some time that you have been thinking your car is making strange noises? Is it acting funny? Are you worried about your car protection? Well, perhaps you might be having this feeling that your car has a transmission problem. If you drive a lot the chances are that you have to


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