• Protect my car–Four Pitfalls to Avoid

    One question that bothers most car owners is – how to protect my car? Despite taking all possible measures and proper maintenance, it is often that you have to shell out money from your own pocket for repairs. Well, if you are all set to invest in next car warranty then you need to know

  • Protect my car – Buy a car warranty to ensure car protection

    A large number of car owners often think – how to protect my car? Well, the question seems to be understandable. The fact that economies across the globe are going through financial slowdown cannot be denied. And, there are many people who now refrain from buying car frequently. The best way to protect a car

  • Protect my car – Invest in right vehicle protection plan

    First thing first, it is important to understand what exactly extended warranty or protection plan for vehicle is.  Though they both have some differences, both a car protection plan and extended warrant refers to a contract that covers the cost of problems and repairs after the original warranty of the manufacturer comes to an end.


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