• What You Shouldn’t Buy From a Car Dealer? Find Here

    Who wants to damage their car after a few years of purchase? Hence, the market offers a lot of safeguards for your newly bought car. Though you know you cannot avail all the opportunities at one go, you hop on anything that gives warranty of safety for your car. After consenting to purchase a car

  • Know These Facts Before Calling Extended Auto Warranty Companies

    Do you know about the extended warranty? You might be aware of to what extent is your vehicle already under warranty. Also, will this ensure the safety of your car for the period you are anticipating? You should calculate the time and cost. You might have got the factory warranty of some longer duration than

  • Which High-Tech Components Are Covered in exotic car warranty

    Looking to cover your exotic car? There are different components in a car which are covered under warranty. If you are going to take one, read here which high-tech parts will be covered? Engine Cover The engine has many major and minor parts such as cylinder block, heads, timing gear; flywheel, oil pump etc. So,

  • Do you Know what is not included in your Engine Protection Cover?

    Can you imagine your life without your car? How awkward and haphazard life! This vehicle makes your life easier. The usage of the car is becoming more and more diverse? Then, how to inculcate the more environment- friendly methods to let your vehicle live long! Since the car manufacturers are already putting effort to make

  • Why Can An Independent Company Give Better Options for Car Protection?

    Want to buy a liability insurance or exotic car insurance? An Independent Auto Car Protection Agency will give you better choices than Captive Agency.  Whether it is garage liability insurance or any other type of insurance policy in the United States, you’ll get a better response from the independent agency as they represent several insurance


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