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    5 ways to lower your auto insurance cost

    There are multiple ways of reducing car insurance. Many people believe that having a consistent driving record or higher credit score can ensure a lower auto insurance rate. However, there are various other ways through which you can negotiate a competitive premium for your vehicle. 1.   Look around before choosing a vendor Many insurance companies

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    Concord Auto Protect Has Brought Luxury of Exotic Car Warranty

    Most of us cannot afford to purchase an exotic vehicle such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Aston Martin as is far out of reach. But, some privileged people get to enjoy affording these luxury vehicles and driving these unmatched cars. However, when one of these vehicles breaks down the cost to repairs is

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    How Different Is Auto Service Contract From A Warranty?

    Let’s clearly accept that auto service is not a warranty, even though your service provider calls it an extended warranty. Most of the car-owners purchase these contracts in fear of any catastrophic failure on their car, which may take huge money. So, a service contract transfers risk from the vehicle owner to the contract company

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    Having Car Protection is A Good Idea Or Not?

    You might have come across the news of disputes and sentencing, in case of selling illegitimate service packages. Most companies who charge high, often refuse the repair when the time comes for it. They also refuse to honour the warranty and pay for the repair. Confusion of Car Policy In such a situation how to

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    Should You Choose Extended Auto Warranty at the Extra Cost?

    What is an Extended Warranty? Most dealers offer car buyers the option of paying for Auto Warranty Coverage. Generally, this warranty is beyond the manufacturer’s coverage. For example -the bumper-to-bumper warranty comes with the car and covers the expense of repairing most damages. Such extended warranty gives safety of a certain number of years or


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