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5 Reasons Why Every Driver Needs Extended Auto Protection

Buying an automobile is a significant investment you make that either leaves a dent in your savings or uses up a sizeable chunk in the form of investment. Considering the high prices of cars in the current market, be it used or new, anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle should consider an extended auto protection plan. 

It is a service contract that provides the driver with the protection of their vehicle after their basic warranty expires. The prices of cars are soaring; adding the maintenance cost to that can make it unmanageable if not dealt with smartly. This is where Auto protection programs come in. Users of the plan do not need to worry about repair bills; these contracts promise to pay for specific repairs on your automobile according to the policy coverage. Thus, it would be best if you get extended auto protection for the following reasons:

1- Your Car is Protected Despite Insurance 

The way a vehicle protection plan works is by providing protection for repairs even after the factory insurance ends. Many new car insurances are limited by the number of miles or years of ownership. If you want extra coverage that you might have enjoyed through your factory powertrain, this type of extended warranty is a way to do. 

2- It Saves You Money 

Why pay costly repairs from your own pocket when you can rely on a company to do it for you? There are times you might not have liquid cash to get your car fixed or for immediate repairs. Having an auto protection plan eliminates that factor. And you will only have to worry about your standard deductible. 

3- You Have Coverage Variety 

Bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties do not let you choose a variety of coverage plans. Third-party plans that have extended warranties can give you more variety and limits on your plan. This makes it easier for you to manage your own savings, personalize your extended warranty to your vehicle and your needs. 

4- You Can Extend Your Warranties 

If you want to extend the benefits of your factory warranty, you will have to negotiate with the manufacturer. However, having an auto protection warranty can extend the coverage limits of a factory warranty. For example, if a warranty lasts three years, with 36,000 miles, automakers can extend it to five years and make it 60,000 miles. 

5- Extended Warranty Increases Resale Value 

Deciding to sell your car before the extended auto protection plan ends can transfer the warranty to the new owner for a small fee. The warranty will incentivize the car and give the buyer peace of mind while buying a used vehicle. It is also likely to increase the resale value for the seller. 

The bottom line:

Extended warranties are a great way to control what you want from your warranty plans, especially for someone who is on a fixed budget. This ensures that you don’t have costly repairs down the line but also gets the job done with less money being spent on the insurance plan. 


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