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    Two Steps Guide to Buy A Car Protection Policy

    Whether you own a used car or buy a new one, your vehicle should be maintained and protected with a car protection policy. Not only will this take the worry and tension of maintaining and owning a car, but will also help you keep your finances in check. We all know that a trip to

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    Extended vehicle warranty – Do you need one urgently?

    The term ‘extended vehicle warranty’ is synonymous to each one of us. It defines the extra or additional coverage for your car. When you buy a car from the showroom, you get a warranty that lasts for three years, or the vehicle manufacturer offers warranty for the vehicle for up to 36,000 miles. In simple

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    Four issues to consider before buying an extended car warranty

    Have you ever thought how to define and extended car warranty? It can be described as an insurance policy. While an initial vehicle warranty is provided by the manufacturer, an extended warranty can be purchased from an independent company. If you find your vehicle having issues because of electrical or mechanical failure then this type

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    Auto warranty – A decision that will save money

    When you buy a car, you make investment for you and family. Investing in a brand new vehicle often takes many years for a large number of people. Given that cars come at a dearly cost, holding and maintaining them for long as possible is the priority. The best way to do it is by

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    Types of extended auto warranty policies

    When it comes to an extended auto warranty, there are so many questions that strike your mind. The world of car warranty policies is populated by some of the following aspects: Intense and tough competition between warranty providers Variation in rates for similar type of policies Choices between component based and comprehensive coverage The support


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