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    Total car protection – Types of coverage plans offered by companies

    Part of investing in either used or new car is figuring out what type of car warranty policy, if any, is attached to the vehicle.  Companies offering extended auto warranties offer service agreements that protect car owners from expensive repairs that the vehicle might require from time to time. Car owners who are close to

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    Protect my car–Four Pitfalls to Avoid

    One question that bothers most car owners is – how to protect my car? Despite taking all possible measures and proper maintenance, it is often that you have to shell out money from your own pocket for repairs. Well, if you are all set to invest in next car warranty then you need to know

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    car protection policy – Why drivers should have one?

    When a salesperson mentions to you something like car warranty then it is apparent for you to assume it as a scam and not something you might actually require. When it comes to car protection policies, this is one product you should not hit the road without. If you weight its benefits then you might

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    Auto car protection- Be alert and avoid duplication

    An auto car protection contract might be duplicated at times. In other words, it covers almost the same features and things that were/are part of the warranty provided by the manufacturer. It is important to know that if it happens then the customer would be at loss. You can easily avoid the duplication of new


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