• Three tips to pay attention to when buying a total car protection

    Do you own a car? Are you worried about unforeseen repairs and damages? Have you ever thought about investing in total car protection plan? Well, if you have not thought about it yet, then this is the right time to do it. While driving a car is one thing, maintaining it is not at all

  • Total car protection – Cheapest warranty is not always the best!

    An online search would bring to you a world of information about auto car protection plans, and sadly, the quality of details might fluctuate a bit. Although there is some good and elaborated information, however there is also bad and misleading information, and not to mention blatantly untrue rumours and myths and outright lies. One

  • Car Protection – How it works

    Before investing in a car protection cover, it would be really great if you know how it works. This would also help you in making the right decision regarding same. In addition, it will provide you enough information on how you can choose the best car protection plan. What is a car protection plan? You

  • Two Reasons Why To Invest in An Auto Car Protection Plan?

    In the year 2012, the average new car costs more than $ 30, 000, as per the national study. This indicates an rise in price of nearly $ 2,000 from the last year. Surprisingly enough, the price of pre-owned or used cars has also increased because of their high demand in present times of recession

  • Car protection policy – Make a wise decision

    when you buy a new car, it comes along with all the necessary warranties and guarantees that would ensure replacement or repair of any damaged or defective part. All you have to do is contact the dealer about the problems and the process would be initiated to make your vehicle 100 percent fit again. However,


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