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Your car is one of your biggest investments. We know the last thing you want
is an expensive car repair bill that is not covered by your auto warranty. Read more…

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  • Best in customer satisfaction
  • ASE Certified technicians
  • 24/7 Roadside service, 365 days a year
  • Full 30 day money back guarantee

Your average repair bill can be expensive but it is always unexpected. With Concord Auto Protect you can save the money and the inconvenience. Learn more about our extended warranty for cars.

  • My experience was very positive. Concord was very helpful in not only meeting my expectations but exceeding them. They offered a competitive price and excellent coverage options.

  • I called to request a quote, the representative was very helpful, knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. I wasn't rushed or pressured in any way. I felt that the representative wanted to make sure I was a happy customer.

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Vehicle Warranty for Absolute Protection

Never compromise on your family’s safety and security on the road ever again. Get premium coverage from the only car warranty company.

Complete peace of mind guaranteed

Select a customized extended vehicle warranty plan that is made just for you. No hefty premiums, fastest claim settlements. Just what every car owner needs from extended car warranty companies.

Our auto warranty service offers a variety of solutions to make your car completely accident-proof.

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Choose from Certified Mechanics

Instead of sending claims directly to us, get your car fixed from our certified mechanics spread across North America. All our mechanics are in the US or Canada are ASE-Certified and will fix your car after wear and tear for completely free. This means there are no deductibles that can put a hefty burden on your wallet during such critical times.

Get 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Getting assistance for your car when it has broken down on the roadside is difficult especially when you are on an unknown route. Our car roadside assistance service is available 24/7 to help you with such problems. Now traveling cross country is fun, easy, and most importantly safe with America’s best extended car warranty.

Rental Car That You Can Trust

Get auto warranty services for your rental car from the most trusted car insurance company. Now rental car reimbursement for your vehicles is possible without an extra surcharge. You can even get your rental car repaired by our certified mechanic without paying a dime from your pocket as all maintenance costs will be covered from your annual warranty plan.

Towing Is No Longer a Problem

Ever got stranded on a road and your car has broken down? No need to worry. With our towing car service, you can easily get repairs for your car wherever you want and whenever you want it. Your car is automatically delivered to the nearest car repair service free of cost. Or, you can get it fixed from one of our certified mechanics at a designated repair facility.

Easy On the Pocket

Whether you have large or small repairs, getting them fixed is no longer a problem. With our car warranties, you save on deductibles because the insurance covers the whole cost. No need to search for other car warranty companies when you already have the best!

Flexible Payment Plans

One size doesn’t fit all. Now you can customize your extended car warranty prices and plans as per your need. Select a flexible payment program and adjust your premium installments to match your budget.

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How Our Auto Warranty Services Company Can Help You?

Worried about your budget? Need an extended auto warranty plan but don’t know if you can afford it? Talk to us about your budget and what kind of payment plan would work for you. We can easily create a stress-free payment plan that fits your financial needs.

Most vehicle warranty companies only cover the years during which your vehicle is in perfect condition but as soon as the insurance expires your vehicle starts witnessing breakdowns. Our vehicle warranty company offers extended car warranty so that you remain covered at all times, that too for no extra-high premiums.

We offer multiple insurance slabs so that you can easily get a car warranty extension that covers roadside assistance, breakdown protection repairs, interior protection, and rust protection service.

Get 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with our service? Need a cashback? You can get it all back within the first 30 days if you are truly not pleased without service for no additional cost. Moreover, if you want to sell your car to another person, you can also transfer the insurance to that person by signing some paperwork related to extended car warranties. It is as easy as just visiting our office.

Your Car Parts are Insured With Us!

Due to constant wear and tear of car parts, people can incur thousands in yearly car maintenance. With our extended warranty car insurance, your car parts are always covered in our plan. You can simply take your car to one of our car dealerships and get your parts replaced for no extra cost.

Premium Customer Service Guaranteed!

We know that your car is precious to you. We care for it the same way and we promise to offer the best customer service. Our extended warranty for cars is designed so that you have confidence and complete peace of mind while taking your car across the US on a road trip.

We let you get the right vehicle coverage protection that covers roadside assistance, costly repairs, offers widespread repair facilities, provides extended car warranty, and much more.

Learn more about how our coverage protection can help protect your car from expensive breakdowns. Save money on car maintenance and get in touch with our extended warranty agents and compare the best car warranty companies today.

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