• What is Engine Protection Cover in Car Protection?

    The engine is the heart of a car, and the most important part to keep your car running. The engine works in a way where it converts one form of mechanical energy into another. This mechanism also enables the car to move. This is the first component of a car, that is, affected by a

  • 4 Most Important Types of Extended Auto Warranty that you should know

    When your auto gets more wear and tear after getting older, you certainly don’t want to do out-of-pocket investment for repairing it. You can ask simple questions to yourself such as; what do you want to cover? How long coverage? What should be the appropriate budget? Knowing what you are buying before you buy will

  • How To Choose The Right Auto Warranty Plan?

    Auto Warranty is a financial investment. So, it is better to have an understanding of exactly what itis and how it works. This will enable you to choose the right and the best possible provider as well. Auto extended warranty -An Agreement? Generally, it is more like a service contract or an agreement. It is


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